2014 Year in Review

Happy 2015! We know we’re about a month late, but with the chaos of year-end nearly over we’re thinking now we can all sit back and celebrate (until the next quarter-end)!

2014 was quite a year for Shugo, with a big thanks to you, and we wanted to share what we were up to this past year as well as what we’re most proud of. This past year saw substantial growth in multiple arenas, below are some highlights.

Securely Delivering More Files and Securing More Businesses

Utilization of our core product FileGuardian saw extreme growth with the number of FileGuardian clients doubling! FileGuardian also transferred 42% more secure deliveries than last year and we saw an increase in number of people receiving secure deliveries through FileGuardian by 38%.

We Love the Payroll Industry

Our love of the payroll industry continued (you know the saying, “once you get in you never get out” and boy is that true).  The number of employees interacting with our solutions increased by 68%.  Pay stub deliveries swelled by 78% from last year.  Meanwhile we doubled the number of employers serviced across all our clients.  Payroll and quarterly report deliveries increased by a clip of 50%.

PUSH’s impact within the payroll world continued as 51 payroll companies added it to their suite of services. This in turn led to an enormous 270% increase in the number of PUSH subscriptions and 523% increase in the number of PUSH alerts delivered!

And lastly, we were chosen for the second year in a row for the IPPA Vendor Technology Showcase; allowing vendors who excel in innovation an opportunity to present their latest introductions into the payroll space. 

We Like to Write Code and Play Nice With Others

We rounded out 2014 with 208 released items from our development queue; never a dull moment at Shugo! Pretty big number considering 11 of the 12 months of the year we only had two “part-time” developers on staff (Rick and Rob).

You can’t always be everything to everyone and of that we’re firm believers.  Part of 2014 focused on releasing our third party integration API for PUSH and HUB, opening up a number of new opportunities for third parties to use or extend our services.  Immediately it was utilized for our integration with Execupay offering not only PUSH and HUB for their licensees, but also supporting their channel partner relationships with retailers and banks.

To deepen our imprint in the payroll industry we’ve initiated an integration project with Adaptasoft and are working with Erin Baker to deepen our direct integration with MPAY.
Plus, we’ve partnered with HRAnswerLink-- launching HR Alerts through our PUSH technology. What a perfect combination: HRAnswerLink’s industry-leading Human Resources content paired with our industry-leading delivery platform.

Our Commitment to Culture

In 2014 the Shugo team grew by two! Our latest team members, Staci and Justin, focus on stellar support and out of this world development. We implemented personal growth time (three paid hours each week) where Shugo team members explore items for their own personal growth. We did all of this while continuing our dedication to support and have set goals to reduce our support response times—if you don’t hear back from us within five minutes, make sure to let us hear about it!

Shugo Gives Back

Philanthropy is another important aspect of our culture, especially charities near and dear to our heart. We participated in and supported the SpeakUp 5Kwith the tremendous support of our clients, showcasing just how valuable and committed the payroll industry is to helping their own. We also supported the 2nd Annual Good Heart Party, an annual event held in the honor of Rick’s late mother in law who had one of the biggest hearts.  As timing would have it, this weekend celebrates the 3rd Annual Good Heart Party which we’ll be attending.

2015: And we thought we were busy in 2014—we have even more lined up for this year!

Stay tuned in 2015 for more developments and exciting announcements as we have big plans. We’ll continue our focus on first-rate customer support for the most innovative products on the market.  We have a hunch you’ll see Shugo involved with more mobile solutions along with the integration of PUSH into all our products.  Plus, we’re already slated to add a key component to HUB, electronic employee onboarding for the 2nd quarter. 

As always, please let us know how we can help support and grow your business.

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  • 22-Dec-2015