Employees Are Missing From the SHUGO Screen In Execupay

There are a few reasons why employees may not be included in the employee listing on the SHUGO screen in Execupay. 

  1. The employee does not have an email address.
    HUB requires every employee to have an email address.  When creating the employee in HUB, Execupay will either use the employee's work email address or home email address (the work email address takes precedence.)  If the employee has neither email address defined, then the employee will not be listed on the SHUGO screen because they would not be eligible to be set up in HUB.
  2. The employee's home department is inactive.
    The SHUGO screen does not list any employees whose home department is inactive within their division.
    For the following example, any employee assigned to home department Taxation or Marketing would not be listed on the SHUGO screen.

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  • 12-Jan-2016