01/24/2016 Release Notes

PUSH: New Payroll Input Reminder Language

Due to popular demand, we have modified the language of the PUSH Payroll Input Reminder alert. Because there are times when a client has submitted a payroll, but the payroll system has yet to notify Shugo, we’ve updated the language of the reminder notification. What used to read, “Reminder: Please submit your payroll for check date 1/7”now reads:

“REMINDER: If you have not already done so, please submit your payroll for check date 1/7. Client # 1234.”

*The date and the client number are entirely dependent on the client’s payroll schedule and their unique client number.


HUB: CSV Export for Employee Activation Status

Your larger clients using HUB may find it impossible to review the employee activation status report under the “Alerts and Reports” area of HUB administration.  So we thought, let’s make it easy and provide the report as a CSV download so you and your client can slice, dice, sort and search anyway needed.

Activation Status Report to CSV1 

The Actions menu now includes the "Download to CSV" option

Activation Status Report to CSV2 

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  • 25-Jan-2016