An Error Occurs When Importing Hours Into the Pay Grid

When attempting to import hours from HUB into the Execupay pay grid, you may get an Import Error stating that the "Selected TLM file does not match currently processed client."  

Typically this means that HUB could not provide the time information because one or more employees' timesheets have not been approved.  HUB requires that all employee timesheets are approved before time can be imported into Execupay.

To verify the status of employee timesheets, you can take the following steps:

  1. Log into the FileGuardian website.
  2. In the search box at the top, search for and open the client either by Execupay client ID or by company name.

  3. Click the FGXep checkbox in the upper-right hand corner.

  4. Go to the HUB tab.

  5. Click Access HUB.  This will take you to the Clock page in HUB where you can view all of the employee timesheets for the pay period.

  6. Verify that all timesheets are in approved status (highlighted in green.)

Once all timesheets are approved for the pay period, you should be able to import the hours into the pay grid.

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  • 20-May-2015