How to Split Individual PDF Reports Apart

When FileGuardian sends out payroll reports, it delivers one pdf file that contains all of the reports that the recipient is set up to receive.  Occasionally a client may ask if they can receive each report as a separate pdf.  The answer is no.  The FileGuaridan Report Delivery process is not able to send each report as a separate pdf file.  

There are two potential options that could server as workarounds for the client.  

Option 1: Instead of delivering 'all reports', set up additional report groups to deliver only the reports they want

In our experience, clients often ask about receiving split reports because they forward individual reports onto other people at the organization.  In that case, those other people could be set up directly in FileGuardian under another report group that sends them the specific reports they need.  This would eliminate the need for the client to have to spend the time forwarding reports along.  
Option 2: Use Adobe Reader + a PDF Print Driver to Split Them
When the Shugo-delivered reports are opened in the Adobe Reader software (and most other PDF software), an index is visible that shows the listing of each individual report that was combined.  With this index, the Adobe Reader allows users to right-click a specific report and print just that one report.
If the client is using Windows 10, there is a built-in option to "print to PDF" that could be used.  The Adobe Reader program would act as if the individual report is being printed, but instead of sending it to the printer, the "print to PDF" option will create a new PDF with just that one report inside.  Older editions of Windows do not have a built-in "print to PDF" option, but there is free software that can be installed to add this capability (one example is CutePDF.)
The following screenshots show how this would work:
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  • 26-Apr-2016