Can a single person be set up with two accounts in HUB?

For example --- an employee wants to receive their pay stub at one email address but payroll reports at a second one.

The short answer to the question is this --- because accounts in HUB are created through the Execupay integration, to have two separate accounts in HUB, the individual would need to be set up with two employee records in Execupay.  You would then pay the employee through the first employee record and set up the employee to receive payroll through through the second employee record. 

Does each employee record have to have a different email addresses?

No it does not.  As long as they are two different employee records (with two separate employee numbers), then two accounts will be created for them in HUB.

Does the employee need all the employee information (SSN, zip code, birthday etc)?

The employee does not necessarily need all of the information to be able to come over into HUB.  The only impact will be to whether or not HUB generates an activation email for the employee.  If you create the second employee record with the home zip code, birth date and SSN, then HUB will generate an activation email for them.  If you leave those fields blank in EP then HUB would not create an activation email.  If that's the case, HUB will assign them a default password of employee number and last name that they could use to log in directly.  Or you could go into the FileGuardian website and reset their password to something else, then let them know what that password is outside of the system.

Can we terminate that 2nd employee?

No, the second employee cannot be terminated -- once an employee is terminated, HUB will no longer send them payroll reports, so you'd have to leave them active.  We have heard that other Execupay users in this situation will often create a dummy company in Execupay where they place all of their "second employee account" employees.  Employees can remain active in that dummy company because they never run payroll for it.  Then when it comes to setting up report delivery for the client, EP allows them to link the delivery of the payroll reports to an employee defined in that other dummy company. 

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  • 26-Apr-2016