Accessing the LOFT store and enabling LOFT Apps

The LOFT Store is officially opened!  So let's get started.  

Here are some brief instructions on how to get to the LOFT store and how to enable an app.  

Part 1:  Accessing the LOFT store:

1. Click on HUB on the left hand side of the FileGuardian home dashboard.


2. Click on LOFT at the center of the page under the word HUB 

3.  Click on All Apps 

Part 2: Enabling LOFT Apps

1.  Once in the All Apps section of the LOFT Store, click on the App you want to enable. 

 2.  Read the terms and conditions and then hit the "Authorize" button. 

 3.  Enter required application settings (optional) 

Some apps require additional configuration information. This is where app settings come into play. If the app you've just enabled requires app settings, enter them in. If you're unsure of what to enter, contact the app developer for assistance.

Part 3: Enabling LOFT App for your Client

1.  Click on "+" to add the company you want to enable the LOFT App for 

 2.  Enter the company name or code in the search box  

3.  Once you have enabled the LOFT App for the client, the company code and name will show in the authorized company list 

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  • 22-Nov-2016