02/05/2017 Release Notes

HUB: Employee Engagement—Suggestion Box

You may recall back in December’s new release notes we introduced a very exciting coming soon feature to HUB: Employee Engagement.

As I bet you already know, highly engaged employees are passionate about they do. They are energetic, committed and feel a sense of ownership over their work. They even go above and beyond for their teammates and organization. Because of this, we’re very excited to be rolling employee engagement to HUB in early 2017!

HUB’s Employee Engagement will allow employers to promote employee engagement through proactive, safe and secure methods including, scheduled check-in’s, a recognition wall and a suggestion box.

Currently in alpha since December, we are now rolling out the final component, the Suggestion Box, which allows employees to anonymously submit ideas, feedback, criticism, etc to managers and company administrators. Communication is key and allowing employee’s feedback to heard (while protected) is very impactful on an organization.

Not too much longer and Employee Engagement will be available for everyone!

FLIGHT: 2017 State W-4s

As soon as the 2017 W-4s are released, we’re getting them into FLIGHT as fast as we can! We’re happy to announce the latest batch we’ve added are CA, IN, ME and NC.  

HUB: Updates to Your HUB Portal

The first round of updates has been made within your HUB Portal! Text found on the homepage of the HUB Portal and text within the “I want to learn more” area is now updated to reflect the latest and greatest available within HUB! Next release will include updates to existing videos and many more new videos, so stay tuned! And, of course, let us know anything you would like to see added to your branded HUB Portal. And if you are wondering what on earth your HUB Portal is, first slap yourself for me, but next add “/what-is-hub” to end of your secure post office, like for Shugo it’s: https://shugollc.myfileguardian.com/what-is-hub, enjoy!

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  • 06-Feb-2017