02/19/2017 Release Notes

HUB: New HUB Rewards Offers

We have some extremely exciting rewards now available! With over 100 offers already in HUB Rewards, we’re pleased to announce some of our latest partnerships and even better rewards through some existing partners:

HUB Rewards - Home Depot   HUB Rewards - Cabelas
 HUB Rewards - Hertz  HUB Rewards - Kohls

Remember, HUB Rewards is an exclusive employee perk and discount program integrated directly in HUB and shows employees they are appreciated and valued by providing them all sorts of benefits. And, it’s complete free, that’s right, doesn’t cost you or your clients a thing.  To get started with HUB Rewards, contact Alissa.

FLIGHT: Check and Checkbox Merge Tags

As you know, FLIGHT has always been home to unlimited customization through custom documents. We’re delighted to report we’ve added even more merge tag options! FLIGHT now supports checks and checkboxes (check out this support article for how they work).

What’s this mean exactly? Well say an existing new hire document has a pre-built checkbox within. When adding that document to FLIGHT, that checkbox can be recognized with a check or checkbox merge tag. Here are the all the different ways text can be entered into FLIGHT now:

FLIGHT - Checkbox Merge Tag

We urge you to view our support article on how they work.  We think you'll agree they offer you much more flexibility with custom new hire documnets.

HUB: Employee Updates Direct Integration with Execupay

Back in September we were extremely excited to announce that HUB finally provided employees with the ability to update their address, W4 and Direct Deposit! At the time, we shared direct integrations were coming and then shortly after, our integration with MPAY was completed. Now we are pleased to announce that we have completed the direct integration with Execupay. Once an employee update is approved (either automatically or following manager approval) the information will feed directly into Execupay.

We'll be rolling this out slowly to all Execupay users over the next month or two. Just like the direct integration of FLIGHT and Execupay, this will require some configuration in your Execupay setup. So before you schedule a time with our team to enable the direct integration of employee updates, verify with Execupay that your environment meets their configuration requirements.

And remember, Employee Updates has to be enabled, it’s not just automatically available within HUB, so here are our instructions from our initial introduction which include all the information you need to know regarding turning them on for your clients!

HUB - Employee Updates

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