How to remove or edit previously approved PTO requests?

Sometimes you may need to remove or edit PTO days that have already been approved for an employee.  If the time sheet has not been approved or payroll has not been processed, you can edit the PTO request.  

Step 1: Open PTO Request 

Is the PTO Request Date within the current pay period?

If the PTO time falls within the current pay period, you can access the PTO request by opening the employee's time sheet and clicking on edit next to the number of PTO hours.

Is the PTO Request Date is in a future pay period?

If the PTO time occurs in the future, you can access the original request by following steps 1 and 2 below.  

1.  Go to the clock screen and click on the Tasks and Alerts button on the right hand side of the screen


2.  This will bring up a list of Management Tasks.  Choose PTO Management.

3.  Go to the date of the approved PTO time and click on the box that box with the employee’s name.

Step 2: Make the change to the PTO Request

Once the original PTO Request is opened  A box will open up with the PTO request information that can be remove or alter.  Once changed an email will be sent to the employee notifying them of this change.

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  • 11-Sep-2015