How to set up contact as a Client Admin for multiple companies.

1. Click on My Files on the right hand side of the FileGuardian home page.


2. Once on the My Files search for Company 1 in the search box.  You will want to choose the one for the company record (the one with the 3 buildings).

3. On the right hand side of the client page, add a new contact.

4. Once the contact has been added go to FGX – Express.  Open up the FGX+ rule for Company 1.  Click on the Employees tab.  On the bottom right you will see the Client Administration section.  Click on add button next to the contact’s name to add them as the client admin for this client.

5. Go back to the FGX-Express tab section and open up the FGX+ rule for Company 2.  Click on the Employees tab and at the very bottom of the Client Administration section click on “Need to add an administrator not listed?”

6. Start typing in the contact’s email address and their name will appear from their contact record under Company 1.  Click on this record.


7. Click on the box that says “Assign Client Administrator Rights

8. You will now see their name show up under the Client Administration section within Company 2.

The Employee Administration tab within their FileGuardian account will have a list of the companies they are Client Administrators for on the right hand side. Clicking on the company name will bring up the employee list for that company.

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  • 23-May-2016